Clinical Study Shows Significant Benefit of Own Voice Processing with Signia Nx Range

When patients are fitted for the first time one of the main complaints they have is the sound of their own voice doesn’t sound quite right. Tinny, echo, too loud to name but a few of the issues raised. Signia have completely revolutionised this using Own Voice Processing (OVP).  OVP enables the dynamic scanning and processing of the patient’s own voice completely independently from other sounds. Allows audibility, from the patient’s own voice to the environment, to sound natural without compromise. Even if the patient’s voice changes e.g. cold, the technology still recognises and applies the OVP. So in a nutshell we’re able to fit a patient with the Signia product to allow the sound quality to be amazing without effecting the patients own voice. It remains the most natural we’ve ever seen  on hearing aids. With OVP turned off 66% were not satisfied with own voice, with OVP on 78% are now satisfied.

This is an amazing jump and is to be believed by trying it for yourself. Even as clinicians we’re able to put the hearing aids in and notice the difference. You won’t be disappointed by what is the most natural own voice sound on the market.

Powers T, Froehlich M, Branda E, Weber J. Clinical study shows significant benefit of own voice processing. Hearing Review. 2018;25(2):30-34.