About Us

Constantin Kavadias is Homecare Hearing Ltd.’s Director and principal Audiologist and was part of the very first cohort to graduate through the BSc programme back in 2007. He was disappointed by the care clients received in the private sector so decided to start a company whose ethos was a premium hearing aid service at high street beating prices.


About Us

With over 12 years’ experience,  our Director Constantin has worked with some of the UK’s most reputable services and companies including the NHS, InHealth Ltd., Community Outpatients and Audiological Science Ltd.

Constantin won a coveted ‘Investors in People’ award for his work in Audiology while at InHealth, which reflects his caring attitude and wealth of expertise. Throughout his career he has identified what people want in their audiology service and brings all of this together with Homecare Hearing Ltd, including:

  • Appointments where you want, including home, workplace or a clinical office
  • Appointments when you want, including early mornings, evenings and weekends
  • Ensuring lifetime aftercare is free and at the highest standard
  • Offering the lowest prices on the market, with competitors regularly checked and always beaten
  • Peace of mind with a full 30-day money guarantee if you’re not satisfied, plus two years’ warranty as standard (five years also available)