Covid-19 and the Remote Audiology

The pandemic has brought unique challenges to all healthcare sectors and audiology is no different. To those without hearing loss it may seem to lack importance but for the hearing impaired the hearing services are more crucial than ever. Telephone calls have become a necessity, TV crucial to get through the day and news broadcasts […]

Starkey Livio now with Direct Streaming to Android Devices

Private hearing aids have always suffered from the challenge of requiring a separate accessory in order to directly stream to Android phones. The Phonak Marvel bravely brought this feature through and now the excellent Livio range from Starkey has had the software upgrade to allow this to happen. With Android models overtaking Apple its a […]

Case Study 1: Fitting a Pair of Oticon OPN Hearing Aids

The release of the OPN range of hearing aids from Oticon really got the hearing aid dispensing world excited thanks to the real change in processing to background noise management. This being a real issue raised by clients when they experience a hearing loss. Fitting these Oticon OPN hearing aids has shown how justified our […]

Online Hearing Test Now Available!

Homecare Hearing, with support from Phonak, is proud to offer a free online hearing test. This gives the individual the chance to explore if there are any possible hearing impairments prior to seeing an audiologist. Hearing loss is common but many don’t seek any support into they have real significant impacts on their lives. This […]