Case Study 1: Fitting a Pair of Oticon OPN Hearing Aids

The release of the OPN range of hearing aids from Oticon really got the hearing aid dispensing world excited thanks to the real change in processing to background noise management. This being a real issue raised by clients when they experience a hearing loss. Fitting these Oticon OPN hearing aids has shown how justified our excitement was. The level of client satisfaction jumped up almost immediately and this created a surge in demand from the general public. I came across a scenario to really test the hearing aids. Mr X had a role as a driver transporting vehicles across the country as well as their clients. This involved generally using different cars and speaking to different people within multiple positions in the car. The initial fitting went well and the client was very pleased, however following a few weeks the client was struggling with the multiple scenarios but I felt confident the Oticon OPN hearing aids could cope with the right settings. We spent some time playing with the directional settings across the OPN’s multiple programs and even spent time out travelling in multiple cars with me sitting in different positions in the car. Working together is crucial with the client and with this we seemed to have hit the right note on the hearing aids!

Following the further follow-up the client is still getting on very well with the hearing aids and pleased to find a product that has adapted to his personalised lifestyle!