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  • The OPN2 S is Oticons elite hearing aid model at an advanced technology level
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Deals with complicated and loud environments – such as restaurants – by focusing on one sound source at a time like one person speaking
  • Much faster processing that is continually analysing the whole soundscape
  • Clients benefit from a natural, 360-degree sound environment as it separates speech and reduces other surrounding noise
  • Users can hear multiple speakers and switch focus on demand
  • Oticon OPN2 S Tinnitus SoundSupport™ technology offers a range of relief sounds that are customised to its users
  • All essential components are nano-coated inside and out, meaning that Oticon’s products are robust and reliable, as well as dust, water, and sweat resistant
  • Available styles include miniRITE, with one version incorporating a telecoil so clients can tune into the special sound systems in public places such as theatres and cinemas
  • OPN miniRITE devices include full rechargeability and the new ZPower battery door